#poetry Homes Need Domes #poem

Homes Need Domes

Course, rusty cloud, and cluster all’s crown.
Cast our bated desires; swim our pleasure view.
Clearly, give us names, old hues, clues to bones
submerged in hunger’s stew. I do risk a chew…

Lady lip flutters by butterfly wings, and we’d,
duly, rather sip manna dew, construe fountain
complexities as simple to dos. That old rust dye
illusion vaped, counter to lies’ cut crusts’ escape.

Fuzz’n’balls brush mutilated memories of songs
that cast off clouds, that no longer do as a cue
of justice, as it claps the cracks you, inside, know.
Eyes turn, you see, bolt by bolt, motion-sensed.

Colossal chip chunks bolted by electric flashes,
raw, electric funds, chip and collapse and crush
closet wishes walled by stormy, flag pole pinnacles
that our view rarely escapes. Homes need domes.

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“Offshoot of an Old Root” 

It’s no mistake you know
and I don’t forsake you know
as I bake and bake and bake
and go and bow down like you do
see the unbound and frown
at TB I’m an unsound clown
like you too shake it off… off… off…

outside weather
mete whether
sustain tether
or care either
should I
you could
my bleeding
bud believe

I’m an offshoot of an old root, not lame to the game, and hip to the joint.

It’s a mistake you know
and I forsake you know
I bake and bake and bake
go bow like you
frown unbound
at TB a clown
you shake it off… off… off…


weather outside
whether mete
tether sustain
either or care
I should
could you
bleeding my
believe bud