#911 #VHS #News

Back when I had a TV in my bedroom, I remember getting ready and my dad informing me to turn on the news.  I was toweling off from the shower before school, community college.  At school I wondered if i should have even come to school.  During the same week, sometime close to the terrorism attack, I saw an old friend from high school.  I asked him if he felt that we should all make changes.  After the attack, to me, it felt like the good and evil, light and dark side of the force, battle was for real.  This all came a few months to a year after I had a dream, while attending Johnson & Wales culinary school in Charleston, SC, about alien battles in the sky, aliens, gods, like in Zecharia Sitchin’s Books.  Lasers and flying beings attended the dream.  Later in life I had a dream I was out, kind of in a camper, at a concert or football game or some event, and I was smoking cigarettes with a girl in my English class at Georgia State University, Newports (I’ve, today, switched to menthol cigarettes).  There were moons spreading out of moons, and we were all running when we realized something was happening.  We wanted to buy pizza.  Running, a wild cat’s growl echoed down the tunnel we were traversing, running.  I chanted “PENN STATE PENN STATE PENN STATE” down the tunnel excitedly.  I had a bunch of weird dreams after 911…  Like Sci-Fi dreams…  But not since graduating college in ’08…

Maybe the old routine has settled in.  Yeah, for sure the old routine has settled in.  The spark of youth is gone…


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