Powerfully Uncomfortable

To those attuned to the happenings around the world, some sense of responsibility should be awakened.  Too many, though, wait for the next chaos, wait for the opportunity to blame, like paranoid mothers.  Unfortunately too many do not understand who is responsible.  In a shell of ignorance, too many ignore their own responsibility to the macrocosm.

At the quantum reality level, nothing, not even a thought, can go unchecked–as below, so is above–the butterfly effect.  Some do not have this knowledge, the knowledge that, however disconnected events seem, everything is connected.  I propose that we are the tie that binds everything, that we are meant to manifest the dream of peace, each and every one of us, together, for the purpose of everyone’s common good.

The question is: how much are we willing to sacrifice?  What pain am I able to incur for the benefit of everyone’s common good?  The distance between cause and effect, time, is running short.  Only each individual, themselves, knows what they can do, personally, to overcome their contribution to the mess of the world.  Piece by piece, everyone must awaken to their contribution to the creation of and, in turn, the solution to the world’s problems.  It is not complicated, and it is not easy to choose the discomfort of self-transformation.

I hope I may do my part.


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