Losing isn’t a loss.

Losing isn’t a loss.  It’s a platform.  Sometimes we don’t know where we are until we’ve lost something.  Loss is in not making it something that makes you better.  Plenty have stated this in many different ways.  I have the tendency to beat myself up for making mistakes, but recently I’ve gained the understanding of the blessing in a loss.  Of course, the point is to eventually gain the knowledge and will of action to not fall in the first place, but falling is a guarantee to those who want to manifest something in their lives.  A true loss is in losing the loss, losing it for what it has come to teach.  “Losers” are those who never try.  “Losers” are those who stay down after a loss.  We can lose a million times and still be winners, as long as the goal is kept in mind and striven for.

There is great pain after hurting another, in relationships, but there is much to gain in strength by learning from mistakes, and there is much to gain in desire by wanting to become a better human being.

We should consider writing the books of our lives in pencil so we can use erasers to erase the wounds we cause ourselves and others, and we should always begin our days with a fresh sheet of paper, clean of the woes of the past.

Learning to let go…


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