Coming from the heart in everything.

The blood of the body is the link to our soul.  It creates a whole by being the point our soul fuses with our physical body.  The soul, completely not physical, is bound to the body through the red blood, and the desires of our souls are expressed through the drive of our hearts, so vital, so powerful the means of our souls’ expression.  Generosity begins in feeling you have something, and you have your soul, and we all have each other to love.  To have and to want are great and fine, though giving energy is the only guarantee to more.  Why? Abundance grows only as a part of the whole. The whole is only the Light of the Creator and every piece of Him, every shard we share in our souls, so, by taking the desire of our soul to share, we can make our every piece of effort a part of the whole, with consciousness. Only the consciousness of the Creator, our soul, has no end, no decay. To thrive in a craving for having more to share, it is what God wants.  It comes from our hearts. Casting a loving heart in to everything we do is primary to receiving the beneficence of the Creator.  A base is appreciation, not for the comfort of having, but for the giving of energy to what we already have.  Wholeness, oneness, is knowing our thoughts and deeds create neverending continuity through consciousness, this is certainty, and our desire comes from the heart. The love in our hearts is never ending.  It is all we have that is wholly of the Light. From the pits of our hearts’ darkness comes a light to others through the act of transformation towards sharing.  To love is not to lust. In knowing our loss is losing knowledge of the existence of the Creator in our hearts and all there is He shares for us to bring in to the world by means of heartfelt generosity, we can begin with the blessing of actions towards the benefit of others, for this is the blessing of our existence, to have to give and who to give, thanks to the Creator. We can take out our selfish desire to create a continuous flow of benefit to everyone. Our gift is in the mystery of hearts.

2 thoughts on “Coming from the heart in everything.

    1. Gold expressed the level of desire in the Tabernacle because it’s internal structure is red, like the heart. Red is the color of desire, according to Kabbalah. We become a full being of sharing by using our desire (red) for the sake of sharing. Our metaphysical energy becomes manifest physically because we exist physically, and we are capable of bringing the force of sharing to our desire. Sound good?



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