#thought #desire

Ideas, complete and pure, bringing happiness, even fleeting fantasy, and time, which, we feel, can thwart with a beating, if these ideas are connected to our desires, can bear harrow or joy.  Holding on to something new, not saying anything to anyone else who may insert a doubt, what do you do?  Write it down so it won’t go away.  Ideas in need of action must have a clear and pure intention, for with unclear or lacking intention, a given idea can be shot for lack of certain certainties: a purpose to benefit, to produce in perpetuity, without taking private benefit harmful to others; to see the way purpose is to benefit others more than self, and outside of material gain; the space to create apart from negativity.  What can get in the way?  Secondary to your desire is your picture, your frame of existence, and everyone who is part of the production.  Saying that you plan on something to someone should open opportunity to breathe, a test of the strength of your vision as well, adding eyes on your plot.  The system is set up that the eyes that see your work withstand based on the contents of your connection to your desire and how your desire is directed outward through your work, whether as a direct line from the consciousness of the Creator or as a valve that courses according to something outside the happiness of the original thought.


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